Finding Delight
    September, as the ninth month in a Nine year*  continues resonating with strong Nine energy.
    Nine is the highest of the single digits; the final Number in the repeating cycle, and it brings the energy of completion and conclusions.
    Nine carries a deep sense of the family of the planet and the miracle of existence, which in turn enables traits such as tolerance, compassion  and sympathy into the foreground of awareness.
    Thunder storms appear momentous when they rage, yet it is the gentle steady rain falling on plants that will most nourish their roots. Similarly, the Nine sometimes gets credit for being more significant, when in truth every Number in the cycle has power and influence.
End and begin
    Nine is particularly noticeable because it is a Spiritual Number, contributing to our growth at the Spiritual level. When Nine is vibrating we are reminded that there is much more to life than acquiring money or the latest electronic widget.  
     Abundance is easily redefined to include our relationships; our ability to express ourselves; the enormous wealth of literature and information at our disposal; the air and water that surround us.
    Nine is the place where endings happen and make room for new beginnings. Nine is the closing door which sends us to explore the multitude of open windows.
New Year
Nine reminds us that we can reboot our lives. This is not only a time to celebrate the finalizations and fruitions which have achieved, it is also the ideal time to release those things which are not serving our lives.
    Examining the idea of preparing for a new start,  Lee Rosenfield  writes “It’s a time of great uncertainty knowing that the future that lies before me has yet to be written and is fully, within human limitations, in my grasp. It is a time to recognize and accept my failures and appreciate that I can transform them into success.”
    For Rosenfield, this shift into the future comes at the end of the Jewish Year 5776. Rosh Hashanah, the New Year, begins on October 2nd.   

Longer Nights
    September 22, 2016 is the Equinox. Here in the north we are moving from longer days into longer nights, and as extended days of work come to an end, we are granted quieter, gentler time with moonlight or darkness. This is a season when nature provides community time: evenings to share; indoor time for reflection and introspection.
    Community time allows us to connect with, or develop, our empathy. The Nine influence resonates the knowing that there is only one family on the planet, and each of us is a part of it.
    Personal time makes space for Soul growth as we release the past and accept responsibility for our part in it. We can choose to continue or reject the activities and behaviours that went before. We can reset our lives. We can determine our next steps, and the direction we take.  
    It may be that the greatest message of every ending that we choose to start new or start over or start differently.
Finding Delight
    Abraham Hicks tells us “You are an eternal consciousness. Eternal. We can't find a bigger longer  word than that. You are forever, you never cease to be. You are a consciousness that expands, and it is the expansion that gives you the most delight.”
    As we move forward into each new beginning, let us be motivated by the finding of delight. Life will surely be sweeter when we do.

      The Jewish and Western Calendars have expressed complementary energies this year. As a Numerologist I am fascinated to see that the closing year had a Seven vibration**  Seven is a Spiritual Number like the Nine.
    The upcoming year of 5777*** will amplify Eight energy which rests in the Mental plane.
    When 2017**** arrives, it will carry One energy, which is the other resident of the Mental plane.

**5+7+7+6=25, 2+5=7
***5+7+7+7=26, 2+6=8
****2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1

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