Facts about Eight

     This calendar year the Numerological vibration, underlying all monthly and daily changes, is Eight.
     2+0+1+5=8. Regardless of the Numbers in our names and birth-dates, and over and above the Personal Year frequencies that immerse each of us, Eight is ever-present.
     Numerology divides the human experience into four ‘planes: Physical; Mental; Emotional; and Intuitive. The Number Eight is identified on the Mental Plane, alongside the Number One.
       No other Plane has Numbers so distant from each other within the Number Cycle. This suggests that the nature of human thought, and the ways that mental energy interacts with the other aspects of life, require distance. The journey from One to Eight points to an evolution in thinking that is informed by the other three planes.    
     One is the beginning of All. There was Nothing, and then there was One. This is the creation story: told throughout history, in all geographies of humanity. This is a summary of the Big Bang.
     In storytelling terms, the idea that all beginnings come from a thought is ubiquitous.
     The land and the sky and people and animals and trees and fleas were all ideas before they manifested into the world we now experience. The One vibration, on the Mental Plane, is how Numerology codes this tale.
     We pass through the emotional states (Two, Three, Six,) and the Physical Realm (Four, Five). We reach the Intuitive – or Spiritual Plane – at Seven, and before we can journey to the completions and wholeness of the Intuitive Nine, we pass into Eight. We arrive back in Mental energy, much changed by the life we have lived since we sprang into existence at One. Eight is a chance to allow our understanding of life to expand past perceived limitations.
     With Eight, we can connect to the unity and vastness that is the experience we are living, and the digit 8 pictures the back and forth flow of energy that is ours this year.  
     I have heard people describe Eight as the Money number. Certainly it is connected with executive ability and positions of authority, although neither of those is a guarantee of financial abundance for any individual.
     The figure 8 is a picture of symmetry and balance. Dividing it along a centre-line will result in mirror images, circles above and below, or a reflected 3. When we open our personal field to the Eight energy which is present, we are supported in our quest for this kind of symmetry.
     Allowing Eight to inform us as we contemplate our priorities around project A and project B; or around work and home or other balances, can provide clarity. If there are many Eights on our chart: if, for example, you are in an Eight Personal Year, and have an Eight letter vibrating on your name-calendar, you may find that indecision sneaks into your calculations.
     The two sides of the Eight are supportive of research and exploration which will aid in decision-making. That same support, however, can turn into a never-ending study of ‘on the other hand’ which can lead to procrastination. If this is true for you, then setting a deadline is helpful. You can make all the researching you want, before declaring your decision at noon on Thursday; or on the 20th of next month; or whatever is appropriate. When you name your point of balance, Eight will comply and help you to succeed.
     If asked to draw a figure Eight in the air with your finger, you will no doubt create a looping figure. It will be no surprise that within the Number Cycle, Eight is an image of Flow. The Cosmic Flow of energy is held here, as well as the Flow of Time and Space here in the Physical world.
     Sandwiched as it is between the two Intuitive Numbers, Eight is the conduit between the challenges of the Seven and the fulfillment of the Nine. How we use Eight during 2015 will impact 2016, certainly, and also the conditions we will face when we begin the new cycle in 2017 (2+0+1+7=1)
     When drawn horizontally Eight becomes the leminscate:      
the mathematical symbol for Infinity. This is a reminder of limitlessness. Infinity is a reality within the physical universe, and within the possibility of multiverses. Infinite are the emotional responses felt by 7billion humans. Infinite is the potential for imagination and creativity transmitted through the Mental plane. Infinite are the interpretations and possibilities of Spirit-by-whatever-Name.
     Eight Energy surrounds us, whether we or not we are conscious of it. Choosing to allow it into our field can bring balance and possibility into all that we do.

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