Energy Fields 
As we move though our days, and our lives, the Unseen Energies that surround us rarely take centre stage. 
When we look at people we most often see only the surface of their physical being, and do not necessarily connect to anything beyond without conscious effort.
When we make the decision to see more deeply, we can turn our attention beyond the obvious. 
When we are in physical proximity to someone, whether we are sleeping beside them, or crowded into transit bus. If we shift our focus from appearance to energy, we may be able to feel body heat, sometimes we get a sense of their mood. Anger bristles. Sorrow slumps. Joy bounces. 

When we find our own quiet within we can pause to observe other people: with a little concentration we can frequently – accurately – tune in to the content of the energy fields surrounding us.
Nikola Tesla said “Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance." 
In some ways, the musical instrument, the  theremin, is an example of this reality. Patented in 1928 and named for the inventor Léon Theremin, it produces music without physical contact by the thereminist.

Reiki practitioners, myself included, work with the energetic envelope enclosing the physical body, almost never touching. Illustrations show the many layers of energy near the body, that which is sometimes called the aura.
Reiki also stimulates the energetic centres which are within the body. Known as the chakras, they can be triggered by the flow of energy from outside the body, as well as by directed intention from their host.
Energy exchange is in no way limited to structured Reiki sessions, or other energy work. For as long as we are inside physical bodies, we are broadcasting and receiving the Spirit-filled atmospheres of all other physical beings. This is the underlying reason for us to take personal responsibility for our own well-being, that the energies we take out into the world should be calm and loving. 

Tuning forks will match vibrations, one to another, without touching. This is an illustration of resonance which can promote rapport between people when they work together. Within an open, trusting relationship, each of us is like hands close to a theramin: making music in the energy fields of people we do not touch.

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