Colour and Structure
         In this time of Shifts and transitions, it can be easy to feel unsettled, adrift. The certainties of our early life have been replaced. Family groups are changed: some members have transitioned away from the physical realm, people have relocated at distance, and so-called traditional households have become a minority. Workplaces have been transformed by technology, and leisure time has been lassoed by a digital tether making demands at no notice and without politesse.
    Not knowing what comes next can make for anxiety and insecurity, and a feeling of racing on a treadmill and making no progress.
    Getting a Numerology Chart prepared does not change these realities, and yet it can help to broaden our view of life, and of the Human Experience. Numerology can help us to find the structure underneath the busy-ness of every day, and recognize the design of our path.
    One aspect of Numerology involves the division of the digits into the Planes of Expression: Physical; Mental; Emotional; Intuitive.
    Many readers are no doubt familiar with the Number Grid readings that I often give, and are aware of the Grid itself, usually illustrated:

    Readings on the Number Grid are focused on the lines and clusters created when a date of birth is inserted.
    For example, someone born on the 28th of May will have all the digits of the central line present, a line called Balance, predisposing that person to a fair and just way of seeing the world and its parts.
    A cluster occurs when a digit is present multiple times, such as the Ones in a November 11th birthday, or all the Nines in those born in 1999.
    The grid is also a great way to explore which planes are most represented, and whether we have left gaps to help us to learn why we arrived on that day
    Four and Five are located in the Physical plane, a constant reminder that we have elected to inhabit these physical bodies in order to grow our souls. On the grid, they are the bottom centre, like a stem from which all else will grow:

    I have coloured them red for the root chakra, the very grounding energy that maintains our presence in the world.

    The digits One and Eight are residents of the Mental Plane, mental activity always wants to communicate, so I have coloured this plane blue for the throat chakra. Mental activity can be detected in our physical brains, and these digits appear connected to the physical in the grid.
    Emotions are a reason to experience Human Life. The vast spectrum of interactivity and interplay between emotions provides the contrast that will help us to expand, to be creative, to grow. According to Abraham Hicks, it is the opportunity to experience this contrast that inspires us to participate in Human Life. Three, Four and Six are the numbers on the emotional plane, and I have coloured them green for the heart chakra. They touch all the other planes, while embracing the central, Physical square.

    The Intuitive Numbers are Seven, Nine and Zero. Nine and Zero share the upper right cell of the grid, and violet is a colour that connects to Spirit. They touch each of the other planes.
    Each date creates a specific pattern within this grid, and using the information available in **your date of birth, can help to unlock the structures underlying the life you now lead.


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