I am currently thinking a lot about authenticity. 

I have spent much of my life engaged in introspection, having discerned early on that my abilities and interests existed outside the stated expectations of most adults. I felt incapable of accepting the path that stretched before me, designed and planned by history.
After attempting to escape reality, I made a conscious and deliberate choice to reject the visions of others. I held the intention to do my best to express my own authentic self, which I knew to be aligned with something far greater than my puny human self.
Life requires that we make choices on all the planes of our existence. Every day, we invest our energy either consciously or blindly. Sometimes we do what we think we are supposed to do, without question. Other times, we research and examine the options, sifting through possible outcomes and consequences, seeking the most beneficial for the priorities we have set.
Step Back

Whenever we make any choice, we are stepping back, slightly, to perceive the options ahead of us, rather as a step back will help us see two doors, side by side, in relation to each other. A small step can offer a view of the street in context and the two doors in particular, and we will make a better informed decision when we choose where to knock.
If we have arrived knowing that we will knock on a door, that full view lets us examine what we already know: do we recognize a number? Were we directed to pick the blue one? Is there a No Entry sign on one of them? Or noxious fumes seeping from behind? The pause is appropriate and advised.
When both doors are visible the Bigger Picture becomes clear, and will help me to know that I did the best  I could under the circumstances. 
Teachers Among Us

My work with Numerology has taught me that Human Life is an astonishingly intricate collection of people, conditions, and doors to enter. Each tiny influence conspires to serve the Soul Growth of every individual. Sometimes we recognize those with whom we have Sacred Contracts: people who are here to expand their experience with our help, even as they are helping us.
Choices that lead us to completion of Karmic lessons are neither simple not understood by our communities. When we begin to make decisions rooted in a picture that is bigger than Human Experience, we may be found wanting by those around us. Some of our critics may be teaching us through their quests for ease and comfort, which we have likely discarded. 
This brings me back to Authenticity. I know, my Heart knows, and my Soul knows when I am making correct choices, no matter how they look from the outside.
Sacred Contracts, agreements which were reached outside the limits of linear time, do not require sacrifice. Soul Growth is always progressive and life affirming. We must each ascertain our willingness to reveal our authenticity, no matter how uncomfortable it makes others, or how they attempt to shame us into discomfort. 
When our intentions are good, when our choices are true to our core identity, we have the ability to cope with any negative attention that arrives in our experience.

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