Changing Energy in 2020

     Just as the energetic signature of the population began to change in the year 1000, so there was a Shift in 2000. 
      Twenty years into this new vibration, we are able to grasp some of the changes that are happening in and around our personal lives, and this coming New Year is a splendid time to examine the details of our own energy.
     This special offer is available for only the first twenty weeks of 2020, and yet the insights and understanding you will gain will help you to make the most of your role in the future. Spoiler – your life will not continue doing Business As Usual!

For the first twenty weeks of 2020, I am offering a remarkable and comprehensive 
20-part personal Numerology chart 
for only $220

This chart will calculate the unique combination of Numbers that are contained within your name and birth date.
 1. First middle and last names 
 2. Personality Number
 3. Intentional Path Number
 4. Destiny Number
 5. Reality Number
 6. Birthforce Number
 7. Points of Intensification
 8. Planes of Expression
 9. Arrows of Pythagoras
10. Personal year for 2020
11. Sub-paths
12. Pinnacles
13. Challenges
14. Transition Points
15. Kernel Number
16. Cornerstone Number
17. Capstone Number
18. Universal Calendar Cycle 
19. RC Age Number
20. Sit-down session with Jo

Locating and understanding this way forward can be begun by decoding your Numerology Chart.  I have been practising Numerology and accessing this information for clients since the 1980s.
For a consultation, or to commission a chart of your name and birthdate, we can meet in person or by technology click here.  Check the About Us tab for upcoming events and locations.