Celebrate This Year
         This blog is mostly not about David Bowie.
        My current experience, online and in person, is overtaken by tributes and memories and personal stories about the impact Bowie's career had on society; on music and art; on individual expression.
          My life somehow kept me largely oblivious to the details of Bowie's work, although I never lived in a vacuum and have been aware of him. I know and recognize 'Ground Control to Major Tom' references – recently reinforced by astronauts Chris Hadfield and Major Tim Peake. I have enjoyed, many times, his part in the animated film Walking in the Air.
    Bowie  contributed: he changed the world and left it better than he found it. His BirthForce Number was Three: the Number of original thought and creativity: the portal through which new concepts and constructs are able move from the Cosmos into our world. He certainly lived up to that, and is worthy of celebration.
Celebrate 2016
    Before the news of Bowie's transition I planned to open with the Maya Angelou quote:  "This is a wonderful day. I've never seen this one before" and note that 2016 is a wonderful year, one we have never seen before.
    Many people make resolutions in January: setting goals, planning changes they want  in their lives.
    I am not a person who resolves: my personal tradition is to choose a word which sets a theme for the year, a concept to shape how I approach the events of the coming months.
     In 2015 my word was expansion and I was fortunate to be able to grow the impact of my work in several ways. I expanded my reach and how my services and products can be accessed, and expansion continues.
    For 2016 I have added the concept of Celebration.
    This year the wheel of my Chinese Astrological chart returns to the energies of my time of birth, allowing me to reset and restart in a new way. This year I will reach an age feted because it ends in zero. Jubilation is entirely appropriate!
    I am also aware that my life feels better to me when I celebrate the miracles of the everyday. Multitudes of events deserving celebration are easily overlooked.
    Regular readers know that I am thrilled by the process of Breath. In its own way, each breath is a miracle; each breath is worth rejoicing. While I am not capable of remaining mindful of each inhale and exhale, I most certainly can train myself to revel in the miracle more often. I believe that when I celebrate my life at this most basic and necessary level I will be able to carry the glory of it into more complex interactions.
    I want to celebrate others for the very breath that animates them!
   This year, I plan to celebrate the smallest accomplishments as well as the milestones. I intend to revel in every triumph; to exult in every performance; to enjoy every day.
    Among my friends and teachers I have heard several themes and words of focus for 2016. People are committing to simplify; learn; transform; invest; transition; complete; relax; build; and be mindful. I would love to hear – and celebrate -- your theme, too, you can Send it here.

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