Celebrate Potential
    One of my favourite novels is Stranger in a Strange Land  by Robert A Heinlein.  Published in 1961  it tells the story of Valentine Michael Smith, a human who was born on the planet Mars, and raised by Martians, completely isolated from all human culture. 
    Smith arrives in America as a young adult, and must come to terms with human society. The novel deconstructs the systems that humans take for granted as people attempt to explain the reasons and rationales that they have never personally questioned.
    A humble and willing student, Smith is thoroughly baffled by much of what he learns about relationships and behaviours. He nevertheless listens and invests time in meditation to absorb the truths he is learning.
    When he makes mistakes and his teachers correct him, he identifies the root of misunderstanding in himself: “I am only an egg” he says. He knows himself to be immature and ignorant of the human world. 

    An egg is a powerful depiction of potential and the unknowable future. An egg, out of context, might hatch a crocodile or a swan. What Michael Smith might become is unknowable at the start of the story.
Egg Symbolism
    The egg symbol carries energy of all creation. The World-as-an-Egg is a cosmic ideal which can be found in the traditions of Egypt, India, and the Druids.
    The Source of Life message of an egg can be traced to ancient myths. African and Arctic myths tell of a water-bird who laid the egg of the world. In Egyptian myth a large goose called ‘The Great Cackler’ created the world in this way. In Greek myth the world-egg was laid by a black-winged bird called Nyx, or Dark Night. 
    Stories celebrating creation by a Cosmic Mother Bird told that the bird appeared from a great distance: a courier from the invisible, unknowable realm.
    The egg broadcasts ideas of new beginnings: the very spark of creation. A powerful mystery, and a symbol of fertility, purity and rebirth, the egg is used in magic rituals to encourage fertility on all planes – physical, mental and Spiritual.
Cosmic Egg
    In Egyptian hieroglyphs the World Egg symbol was the same as for an unborn child. This speaks to the concept of the world within an egg. It is perfect.  It is flawless. It is before life began. 
    The inside of the egg is the vault of space, and all is at rest, balanced without striving.  From this beginning comes all Life, held in the divisions into heaven and earth; light and dark, female and male.
    The egg means new possibility, growth, and resurrection, which is why festivals which celebrate the coming of Spring use the egg to symbolize renewal.
Dreaming of Eggs
    Our sacred intentions will not be fulfilled until we take conscious action, and the messages that come in dreams might be reminding us that we have not yet begun to express our Spiritual essence.
    When we are fearful, we might dream of the safety within an egg. The Urban Dictionary says that being in EggMode is “when you are sad upset, scared or angry. you put your body into fetal position or in ball form and rock back and forth.”
    This is about the desire to retreat from life, to avoid the vulnerability of being fully expressed. Still the protection given by an eggshell is fragile. Other writers use EggMode to describe a time of becoming, when one is defining how to self-identify authentically.

    Coming Out of our Shell suggests conscious growth. As Western Society is Shifting it is important to focus on the changes we can make from the inside: the personal growth we can model for others; the community work that can transform the future.
    I am still learning. Like Valentine Michael Smith, I am only an egg. I want, though, to be a good egg. I want to walk boldly, never treading on eggshells. I want to egg you on to find your truth.
    I want to Celebrate the potential, and love the expression of every dear and beautiful soul.

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