Celebrate Mosaics

     Here, on the edge of Gatineau Park in Western Quebec, the autumn season has arrived. Deciduous trees are preparing for winter: closing the link between leaf and tree; suspending photosynthesis; abandoning green.
     What  strikes me most this time of year is the diversity of colours on display. The trees are not mostly yellow or mostly orange or red. The spectrum of colours is stunning: digital pictures and internet connexions cannot do them justice.

     The hillsides this October are rich mixtures of rust and lemon and copper and tangerine. There are patches and dots, even a few ragged stripes. For the most part, they are mottled and swirled with irregular and unpredictable shades.
     Tracts of land present their trees one by one, like beadwork; like pixel art. Each tree makes an individual contribution to the forest; each tone adds depth and texture to what my eye perceives.
     There is a metaphor for the importance of individuals in community. The message that We Are One.
     The forest is a single entity, and its vitality is dependent on each tree and bush, each shrub and plant in the undergrowth. Under the surface, all the roots entwine, creating the unity which is the forest.
     That which is One is Unseen.
     This is true for human life, too. We depend on Unseen energies to animate our physical selves. It is the invisible LifeForce which is ever-present, ready to inspire and motivate us to our greatest potential.
     When we express ourselves as an extension of that energy it is our unique qualities which contribute most. Community is strengthened as each of offers what others cannot.

     Mosaics have been used throughout history, everywhere from religious iconography to pop art: the theme of many creating one is ubiquitous.
     Individual mosaic tiles cause the texture and depth of a picture or pattern to appear. Sometimes our experiences and expectations in life lead us to struggle and strive to be the Whole Picture.
     It is human nature to take for granted the importance of individual contribution. It is when a tile gets lost from a mosaic that the gap reminds us of the differing properties of each part. We know at once the colour and shape of the space: we see the traits that are required to complete the pattern.
     Sometimes insecurity causes us to question whether we are the same as others, whether we fit in. Uniformity has no place in life, and conformity progresses nothing. Our task is to become who we came to be. We must identify our place in the mosaic of life, and develop in ourselves the colour and shape which best suit us.
     No tile is the whole mosaic; No tree is the whole forest; No person is the community.
     Vital? Yes.
     Necessary? Absolutely.
     We are called to excel at being our individual selves, and in this way bring the best to the entire world. Everyone will benefit, because We Are One.

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