August will Change Your Life

     In this Six year (2+0+1+3=6) August, as the eighth month is vibrating to Five energy: (8+6=14; 1+4=5)
     Five is the midpoint of the cycle of numbers: there are four lower numbers and four higher. Five is the place of change.
     When Five is present, whether in the calendar or in our personal charts, then changes will happen. We cannot control the behaviour of the universe.
     Where we can assert ourselves is in how we respond, whether we try to resist, and even whether we seek out additional alterations.
     Among the qualities that Five brings are progression, versatility and adaptation. This is a time when the entire Cosmos is arranging to move us along our intended path, and help us to expand our interactions with the world around us. This is the month when we are supported in our work to overcome limitations – both societal and self-imposed.
     During August, as we pay attention to our energies and live in alignment, we can expect to experience growth, action and adjustment.
     If, on the other hand, we resist the Five energy, or try to avoid it, then we may have feelings of restlessness and nervousness. There might even be impulsive behaviours, impatience and a feeling of dissatisfaction as things in the environment change ‘without permission’.       
     For Wendy, who started her new healthy-eating program with the One of this cycle, this month will be very progressive. As she celebrates the end of her rather plodding Four month, she is seeing changes in her body; her clothes; even in her attitude. The plodding has paid off, and she can see the differences in her life.
     This month she may be buying a few new clothes – only a few because now she really does believe that this is going to work! There will be future movement in the same, positive direction. As she crosses the half-way point in the nine-month plan, she is able to enjoy the accomplishments, and dare to dream how much more she can do. She is changing the menus; adding more seasonal foods; relishing the opportunity to implement her learning at every mealtime. Everyone in the household is improved by her choices.
     It is fun to suggest that August will change your life: the truth is that August can do nothing without your cooperation.
     The Universal Five energy that will be predominant in August can be accepted comfortably; it can be ignored, or it can be tapped and very deliberately used to your advantage.
     Knowing that your growth is Cosmically predestined, this is a time to step into your greatness and allow the expression of your soul to expand. If you are willing to open your life to the Unseen energies, and take direction from the Universe then certainly, August will change your life.

     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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