Around and Forward

    At the end of September, I wrote my October forecast with a reference to the way the Number Cycle can be compared with a highway roundabout-rotary-traffic circle.
    “There is no stopping on the roundabout, so I am never holding up other vehicles. I am free to circle as many times as I need to, before I commit to driving in a particular direction. I am never in the wrong, never going in the wrong direction, I am merely gathering the information I need to move forward comfortably.”
    I have been asked some questions about this, and about how the Number Cycle continues after we have driven down a ramp and committed to a direction of travel.
Going Around
    First, I hope I communicated that there is nothing wrong with repeating the circuit as many times as it takes to prepare for the next part of the journey.
    Each time around the circle or the cycle will add to the experience and knowledge that will accompany you into the future. Signs that seem to be nonsense the first time you read them might suddenly feel profound on the second or sixth exposure.
    There are many people who are not focused in personal development. The Number Cycle of the calendar and of their personal chart is still operating, and any effect it has is outside their consciousness.
    For those who decide to engage with the Unseen energies of life, examination of personal history will reveal the pattern operating. The prospect may be intimidating, and some may remain going around and around the junction a little longer, getting comfortable will the prospect of moving forwards.
    Seekers who are engaged in the work of becoming fully the Self they were born to be, will, one day, drive up a slip-lane away from the circling junction.
    It is here that the miracle of the human imagination can be utilized: envision the roadway ramp leading to an upright corkscrew structure.

    On a path like this our lives continue to move forward. The turning Number Cycle continues to progress us through the energies of the digits as we climb something like a spiral staircase. Each time we return to the position of One (or any Number) we are higher up than we were when we last arrived at the One position.
    We arrive with all the learning that has come to us along the way, and as a result we are able to enjoy the  view with new insight. With elevation we can see farther. With wisdom we can understand the context of what we are seeing. The more circuits we complete, the greater our comprehension of the Big Picture.
This Place in Time
    2017 will mark the start of a new cycle: 2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1. Wherever we are today is exactly correct for our intended life path, and this is the correct time to follow through with the actions you have been imagining, making the changes that call your heart forwards.
    The energy of a One year encourages initiations: in any and all aspect of our lives, this is a time to start something new.
    For those who have been circling the traffic rotary for a while and are resisting more-of-the-same, this might be the time to commit to a slip lane. There is still enough of 2016 left for checking maps and making informed decisions that best serve the life you are here to live.
Reading the Map
    You intentionally arrived in the Human Condition when you did, to the people who would name you as your life required. In doing so you provided a clear indication of your plans for this lifetime.
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