An Essay About Nothing

     Yesterday, August 6, carried a Six vibration in this Six year (2+0+1+3=6). August 8 (tomorrow, and every year) carries Eight energy in a month with Eight energy.
    In Numerology, these days are called Cipher Days. They are profoundly important to the path of our lives, because we will each have chances to make choices which will change the future.
     That sounds rather grand and at the same time rather vague: we can choose behaviours and attitudes and what to do and what to say and how to think every day.   
     Many ordinary and everyday choices have an impact for the moment or the day or the distant future. Evenso, on a Six day in a Six year, or the eighth day of the eighth month, there is an intensity to the vibration -- to the energy -- that is at play in our lives.
     Part of the full Numerology Chart is a section about Sub-Paths and Pinnacles and Challenges. It is calculated with the digits of the date-of-birth, and it designates four distinct cycles in the life journey. It starts with birth, ends with return to our Spiritual home, and changes at various times in between – depending on the birthdate.
     For some of the calculations in this chart-part, Numerology calls for subtraction rather than the usual addition of digits. As a result, there is never a total of Nine, and sometimes it ends up with a Zero, or Cipher.
     While the attributes of Cipher are not profoundly different from Nine: there are altered nuances.  The message of wholeness and unity remains, and the shape of a Zero lends itself well to describing the idea of repeating cycles, and of containing all within.
     The opportunities that arrive on Cipher days, or in Cipher-marked segments of life, are hugely important. A Cipher on a chart is a call to pay attention and to know that this is not business as usual: this is pointing to intentions that have been carried into the human experience quite deliberately. On a Cipher Day, we might meet someone with whom we have a Sacred Contract; we might be offered a new part in the drama of life; we might be gifted with a book which will change how we view our world.
     Being present and aware and knowing that these Cosmic gifts await us is the first task of the Cipher. Engaging our ability to choose is the next.
     For those who are working towards living consciously, the impact of choice is a big part of engagement with life. When I choose to buy local food, I support my farmer-neighbour; when I choose to not buy products made in sweatshops, or within oppressive regimes I am exercising my small yet vital Power of One. Choices about how I speak and think and relate with people are all within very personal control.
     Viktor E. Frankl wrote that everything can be taken from a person but the one thing which he called the last of the human freedoms: the choice of one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. This is the lesson of Cipher energy, and it will progress us when we connect with it.

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