Aligning with the Missing Universe

    This week, someone drew my attention to the fact that I often qualify a remark or observation with the phrase “in the physical realm”, and that I had spoken of a death as when a person transitioned “away from the physical plane”.
     As I have grown older and the focus of my work has moved ever-more into nonphysical realms, it has grown more important to be clear about which dimension -- which reality -- I am addressing in a given moment.
     I have learnt that the material world – physical reality – is simply the surface of something else. Physical *stuff* is the easily perceived part of something far more vast and miraculous. Our physical bodies can see and hear and hold and sniff and taste physical things. If we choose to stop exploring and perceiving at that point, then we miss the rest of the universe.
     Modern science tells us that only 10% of The Universe is physical, which is to say that it can be measured or touched or imaged. I personally find this fascinating! Yet there is little everyday discussion about the nature or whereabouts of the other 90%.
     Since the days of Ancient Greek philosophy the lesson has been that humans know the world through direct observation with the five physical senses.
     In the West, emphasis is placed on the physical, (along with reason and language) at the expense of all other perceptions. According to Dr. Michael J. Cohen, there are at least 53 natural senses including hunger, thirst, compassion; colour, sex, place; trust, belonging, intuition; community, nurturing and motion.
     In Eastern thinking, the existence of a realm called the Akashic Records is accepted. Named with a Sanskrit word meaning "primary substance" or "ether" they are considered a storehouse of knowledge that exists in the astral (non-physical) plane.
     In modern Western science there is a new acknowledgment for the existence of an unseen “quantum realm”.
     Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell  is patron of The Institute of Noetic Sciences, a “non-profit membership organization that conducts and sponsors research into the potentials and powers of consciousness—including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition ... explore phenomena that do not fit the conventional scientific model, while maintaining a commitment to scientific rigor.”
     The Institute conducts studies into the Quantum Hologram, and its relationship to the interconnectedness of space time. It explains that just as our mind seems to be rooted in our brain, and yet is not a lobe or an organ or any physical thing, so the Quantum Hologram exists within the physical universe and yet cannot be captured by telescopes, cameras or x-ray and gamma-ray recorders.
     Perhaps the “lost mass” of the universe includes those aspects of reality which we each know to be real, yet which are denied, minimized or invalidated by Western society.
     I like to think that 90% of the universe is made of fairness; justice; kindness; the power of prayer; inventiveness; logic; compassion; wisdom; trust, success, belonging, intuition; community, enlightenment, nurturing, and love.
     While I am living here in the physical dimension, my job is to align with the other 90%, and manifest some of these unseen truths into my own sphere of influence.
     In a Numerology chart, there is a way to understand the vibration of energy available to us on each of four planes. Naturally the physical plane is first and foremost, for the physical is our place in the Here and Now. The physical plane is a quarter of the calculation in the chart, and the difference between the 10% physical universe and that 25% proportion is a sign of the importance of the living and learning of the Now and Here.
     Numerology goes on to examine the frequencies of the emotional, mental and spiritual planes as well.
     Being human includes feelings, and yet there is no anatomical place where moods reside. Likewise the thinking process cannot be amputated, although brain injury might create changes in perspective, thinking continues.
     As for the Spiritual plane, my thirty years of charting names and dates have revealed to me that we are connected with it all the time. All of it. 100%.

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