2017 is Your Year!
    Numerology records the numbers on the calendar, and examines the energetic vibrations which are encoded within them. Each digit carries individual frequencies, the understanding of which can help to illuminate the nature of the day.
    On the day we enter the Human Experience, we are granted a specific set of vibrations, which we have chosen to support the intentions we have for this lifetime.
    The calendar advances, the frequencies advance through their cycle, and our experience is shaped by whether or not we are able to align with them, and take advantage of the activities they support.
    The New Year has brought us all into a year vibrating with One energy, because the digits 2017 add together to make 10, and 1+0=1.
    Anyone born this year will carry that One Year energy in their chart, as indeed do all the people born in 1927, 1936, 1945, 1954, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990, 1999 or 2008.
    When we choose the day of our arrival, we place ourselves into a pattern within the Number Cycle: my pattern is that whenever the world is expressing One Energy, I am in a Five Personal Year. This will be true throughout my life. I am invariably going to use the New Beginnings of the One for my personal explorations into Growth and Change.
    Personal Years are simple to calculate, needing only to add the day and month of birth with the current calendar year. Born on the 1st of January? This year you add the 1+1+1 and know that your personal year is a Three.
    Born on the 7th of October? Add 7+10+1, (18) and reduce the total by adding 1+8=9. This is your Nine Personal Year.
    31st (3+1=4) December(1+2=3)? 4+3+1=8, your Eight Personal Year.
    Wherever on the Number Cycle we are placed as individuals, we will each be influenced by the events and circumstances of the world. Our personal development will occur within the enveloping global energy, and we will do well to pay attention to how we can best utilize the 'One' as we make decisions for our paths.
    If you are in a One Personal Year you are always aligned with the calendar year. You may be one of those people who is always 'on trend' without conscious effort, instinctively connecting to the world in which you live.
    A Two Personal Year is invariably about relationships. In a One calendar year there may be new and renewed conditions among the people nearest to you, and possibly reasons to examine how you relate to the person in the mirror.
    Three Personal Years carry originating energy. Creative possibilities may appear, and with the support of the calendar's One, this is time to begin new projects or allow for ideas you have neglected, or thought impractical. All is possible. Begin!
    A Four Personal Year in a One calendar year is time to make plans for the future. A new phase of life is due, without any reason to rush. Prepare, and create the foundation which will support the coming growth.
    Five Personal Years are years of change. When they align to a One calendar year, they can launch a life-path towards new directions and big shifts. Beware of allowing restlessness to direct you: do your research and avoid burning bridges.
    A Six Personal Year is always an opportunity for service, either to community or to SoulGrowth. When the calendar is opening a new cycle, it is likely to offer new places and spaces where your contribution is needed and valued.
    Seven Personal Years move us towards our life intentions. In a One calendar year, the path we are following may appear obstructed. The detour teaches us how to readjust, and reminds us that the next lesson is at another place.
    If this is your Eight Personal Year, you are starting a cycle that will lead you towards balance. This year you will begin to feel the nature of Cosmic Flow as your understanding of the world expands beyond the obvious.
    A Nine Personal Year offers time to apply aspects of One energy to closing out the personal cycle. You have been given the resources of the calendar's new cycle to assist in your completions, and preparations for what comes next.
     Every day is a new beginning, as is every New Year.
     The only time we can sure we have is Now, and with Numerology we can find the deepest and most meaningful ways to spend every Now we are granted.

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