2013, my new personal cycle

      2013 was a Six universal year and my personal One year. It is the nature of my chart that my new cycles align with Six’s energies of service. As I grow older I see more and more opportunities to serve the people around me, and to align myself with the life I intended and am slowly remembering. .
   Last year I was firmly in the mental plane during a year that vibrated with an emotional number. Now I will be installed on the emotional while the world is expressing on the Spiritual.
     As Ones go, this has been a wonderful year and if the rest of the cycle follows similarly I will feel much blessed
     As the year closes I see the fruits of all the mental activity, and I am preparing to launch two new initiatives: a monthly Numerology coaching program, and the 2014 version of the Journey Into Alignment program for lesbian widows.
     Staying here in the western Quebec I have been able to spend quality time with the family, including the grandchildren. I was able to attend birthdays which is certainly a first and something I look forward to repeating.
      In January I was lucky to attend a Sacred Fire Circle in Chelsea, QC. At the end of the month I slipped on ice and injured my right shoulder, an injury that brought me wonderful gifts. I practiced assorted natural methods for pain control, and was the happy recipient of prayers and Reiki and Chant of Light and other healing energies from the talented and generous people in my life.
      In March I co-hosted my first series of teleseminars (serving with the Universal Six; beginning a new project with my personal One) with my dear friend and colleague Tamlyn Hill of Soaring Spirit Institute; and I began a course of shoulder-related sessions with an osteopath
      I also hosted a series of educational sessions called Shift and Share which benefitted all attendees (serving with the Universal Six; a new project with my personal One, it happened all year) and indeed I have been blessed with a year full of clients who allow me to serve them even while they make my world a better place.
     I created a temporary labyrinth for World Labyrinth Day on the first Saturday of May, and then flew off to the west coast for a visit with my mother and sister.
     When I returned I continued with online studies and coaching programs with several teachers and organizations.
     The summer brought a grounding accountability program for which I am grateful. I also experienced some unexpected and emotionally difficult situations. Evidently I met the challenge, for there followed an intense spiritual download which has flavoured everything about this year and opened up an entirely new way of being. (I must have served my life’s intention, echoed in the Universal Six, and as a result, I was granted an amazing ‘beginning’ to enhance my personal One and no doubt the rest of this cycle if not the rest of my life.) Interestingly, the healing of my shoulder had a vital impact on this download.
     In September I started semi-regular visits to a high school in Ontario to share with the students in the art department some practices of mindfulness, breathing and relaxation, and the labyrinth path. (See? the Six, the One, …)
     Ongoing spiritual downloads have continued to inform my worldview and will no doubt affect my 2014. On the winter solstice I received my contributor copy of Under the Rainbow, and celebrated my tiny part in the whole. 
      Now the world is shifting into the Seven energy of 2014 (2+0+1+4=7) and I am shifting into Two energy. As the One of last year becomes absorbed into my existence, I am granted the possibility of ever more ways of relating to the world, to the people in it, and to Spirit.  Two energy carries vibrations of diplomacy and tact, which are rarely my default setting. I strive to express consideration, sensitivity and grace, and I look forward to those energies being available to me this year -- with less striving – maybe the Universal Seven will help me with that!.

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