2012 has Five vibration. I have written and talked about that a lot this year.
2+0+1+2=5, and Five is the Number of growth and change and adaptation. Five carries transformation

     There is talk of The Shift. There are discussions of the end of the Mayan Calendar.

     I am fortunate that in my world, people are very consciously finding ways to move society into a new plane that honours more fully the multi-dimensional nature of the universe.

     I think everyone I know has changed this year, some of them in profound ways. The Universal Five has echoed through all of our lives.

     In addition to the Universal Number Vibrations that impact us all, we also each have a personal Number Vibration. This is calculated through the numbers of our birthdate, and we each live through nine-year-long cycles.

     These cycles are the natural result when we (numerologists) add the digits of each number until we have only one. When we reach ten we add 1+.0=1, eleven 1+1=2  and so on.  Where we each are located in our personal cycle depends on when we were born.

     2012 was a Nine year for me. Nine is the number of conclusions and completions, of finishing off that which needs to be cleared. Predictably a One follows a Nine, so there is a need to make space to allow the new energies of the upcoming One year to enter.

     In January of 2012 I was very aware of the Nine vibration entering into my field.  With a 29 year long Numerology practice behind me I was perfectly clear about what it meant. In January I was also unconvinced that there were many 'endings' I would need to accommodate.

     I was very happy in my life. I was living in Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada. I was working with people I enjoyed, -- some of whom I even loved. My living circumstances were comfortable enough that I was not considering changing them.

     In October of 2011 I had completed my training as a Labyrinth Facilitator. In order to acquire my certification I needed to host three Labyrinth presentations within particular constraints and time-frames. The need to complete that task was a positive move forward. I could not name any other Nine energies that I might need to work through.

     As I sat in meditation during my January One month I recognized that there might be new projects which would rise up to be fulfilled in the course of the year. Then I released expectations and returned to the familiar flow of my life.

     My February Two personal month took me to visit my mother and sister in America, and then my young people in Quebec.

      As I travelled and read and connected with new concepts, new ideas began to appear. New possibilities suddenly moved into view. Educational programs arrived in my sphere and then outrageous opportunities offered themselves. In May I was in Ottawa teaching labyrinth to a classroom full of artistic young women. 

     Suddenly I was preparing for a trip to a conference on Heart Intelligence, and my Nova Scotia life felt restrictive and limiting. I wanted access to a place more populous. Almost overnight, my comfortable 19 years of life in Nova Scotia felt finished. I was done. It was complete. Nine Energy enveloped my entire existence.

     I came away from practicing Heart Intelligence with a new agenda for more conferences; more learning; more doing. All of it required that I step out of my customary place and move into a different future.

     In September, my Nine month in my Nine year, I left my job, my home and my many friends and colleagues. I loaded the car with those belongings I thought I could not be without. I made a few detours to visit labyrinths in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick and I moved myself to Western Quebec and the youth wing of my family. Here, starting with my One month for new beginnings, I can serve many more people than I would ever be able to reach in Nova Scotia. I am designing and promoting new products, meeting new people and I have shifted my effort into Tweeting, Linking In and building the website.

     Today I launch the blog.

     November 1st, the Universal Frequency moves into a Seven month taking a step towards Spirit. I am entering a personal Two month.

      This is a good time for me to build new relationships as I move towards the One Personal Year that will launch my future in 2013.

     The transformative energy of the Five year has informed every bit of my Personal Nine. I am changed by every ending that has happened. I am secure that I am now in the right place for the Cosmos to bring me the next best thing.

     I am looking forward to writing about it in this space. Happy November Everyone.